Bit Bazaar 2017

Rom’s Truffle Trail is going to be shown for the first time at this year’s Bit Bazaar in Toronto.

Come out and try to get a highscore in Arcade mode.


  • Saturday August 26 10am to 10pm
  • Sunday August 27 10am to 4pm


CNE Grounds / Gaming Garage / Enercare Centre, Hall F Free with CNE admission More Details


The Game

A new take on classic match-3 games that rewards the differences.

Rom, a wise old truffle pig, is looking for an apprentice. With all his experience, hunting for a replacement won't be as easy as hunting for truffles. He'll show you the ropes when it comes to foraging wild edibles. Follow him from the peaceful woods to the busy night market on his quest to retire.

Level up and earn big bonuses with rare finds and filling out special requests.

Decide how you want to play: Challenge yourself and plot your next moves to maximize your points. Or you can bliss-out in Zen Mode and find nature's patterns at your own pace.

Watch your step: Too many errors or run-ins with groundhogs and Rom might find another apprentice!

The Team

Design, Art, Animation & Programming
Producer & Social Media
Jenn King
Samson Graham
Associate Producer

Oh combo!